Supreme Wall

More efficient, more quieter, more durable, more everything!

Supreme Wall Unit

Designed to heat or cool an entire floor

Its three-way air throw ensures unparalleled heat distribution

Supreme Wall Compressor

Almost too effective

Effective down to -30 or +90 degrees Celsius

Supreme Remote Control

Take full control or program it

A technological marvel

For those of you who are tired of baseboard heaters, dry air that doesn't circulate and portable air conditioners, this message is for you. You have a choice. The choice of better air quality for your family, the choice of a system that will circulate your air, the choice of not having cold feet in winter. That choice exists and it's there. As efficient as its central cousin and designed to emulate these effects without having to go through the work. The SUPREME MURALE heat pump will meet your expectations and more.

Air filtration

HSPF: 13 | SEER: 21.5 to 25.5

Automatic restart

Indoor noise: 29-47 decibels

Outdoor noise: 55 decibels

Heating up to: -30 degree celcius

Automatic oscillation

Dehumidification mode

Installation included

Uninstallation of your old system if necessary

1 year on labour (possibility of 10 years)

10 year warranty on parts & compressor