Supreme Central System

As if it wasn't there

Quieter than ever

Supreme Fan Coil

More efficient and quieter

Variable speeds and internal case insulation

Central Supreme

Up to 10x
less energy

Power consumption of 2.2kw/h

CTP 102

What makes Supreme the number one choice for Quebecers

Patented CTP 102 technology enables Supreme units to operate down to -30 degrees Celsius with no loss of efficiency.

Electrostatic Filters

Available upon request

Up to 10x
less energy

Included with all
Supreme systems

A technological marvel

ThThe Supreme central heat pump is a technological marvel. From its efficiency to its comfort, to its design and variable speeds. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of art, the ultimate in home heating and comfort. For anyone looking for unprecedented air quality, centralized comfort for their entire home, this unit is for you. Have you ever had a friend with a heat pump? If we don't mention the Supreme, you might as well not compare, you might offend her.

Power: 24,000 to 30,000 BTU

HSPF : 10 | SEER : 18

Power source: 208-230V/60H

Refrigerant : R410A

Heating performance (COP): 2.74

Cooling performance (COP) : 4.12

Exterior noise : 52 Decibels

Exterior dimensions: 40" x 31" x 17".

Heating : - 30 degrees sec

Air conditioning : 90 degrees sec

Thermostat: Sensi

10 year warranty on parts & compressor