CTP 102

Heating up to - 30° C

The only technology for Quebec

This patented technology, a big difference to Quebec

The secret of the Supreme Central system lies in its innovative CTP 101 control panel. It is compatible with all existing and new fan coil units and thermostats to communicate operating information to the outdoor unit.

The SupremeDifference

The benefits of using our system

It communicates cooling and heating operation commands to the outdoor unit.
With its multiple statuses, it provides a complete, simple and clear diagnosis of the system operation.
No low voltage electrical connections are required.
It supports dual energy mode (DT input).
It simplifies start-up and diagnostics.
It is configurable in C or F.
The terminal is screwless.

All well protected inside each unit and meticulously installed to preserve its efficiency in all its beauty. Here is the CTP 102